Portugese days in Hungary: Newsletter by Hungary

Portugese days in Hungary

Turkish days in Hungary: Newsletter by Hungary

Turkish days in Hungary

EXPO for One for all, all for Green  in newspaper

EXPO for One for all, all for Green  in newspaper

Portugal: dissemination video

Turkish days in Hungary – December 2015

Turkish days in Hungary. Newsletter about Dissemination forum 2015 december

Italian days in Turkey: Newsletter by Italy

First short mobility in newspaperThe consuls of Portugal and Turkey at Italy:


The interview about student mobility programme held  in Hungary:


Dissemination stuff from the Hungarian students:

  1. Turkey transnational meeting newspaer article
  2. Turkey studentsmobility newspaper article2
  3. Turkey studentmobility newspaper article
  4. Italy transnational meeting newspaper article.
  5. Hungary Transnational meeting. newpaper article
  6. Hungary studentmobility. newspaper aticle


Scottish and Spanish meetings written by Hungarian students:



Spanish students interview on the radio

Url: http://www.ivoox.com/el-programa-gema-ent-erasmus-plus-28-06-2017-audios-mp3_rf_19536144_1.html


The IES Santa Ana represents Spain in an ecological tourism Erasmus

El IES Santa Ana representa a España en un Erasmus de turismo ecológico _ Diario de Avisos


An Erasmus+ project site!!!!

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